Easter Chickens with Mini Eggs


Picture the scene in my chocolate studio in the weeks in advance of Easter: I am over-run with flocks of Easter chickens ad it’s getting very noisy!

Each of Nenette Chocolates handmade Easter chickens is made with a double thickness of dark, milk or white chocolate.

The Dark chocolate is a beautiful, rich 53% dark chocolate – naturally dairy-free (except for a trace – beware for those with dairy intolerances), this version of the Easter chicken is suitable for those following plant-based diets when presented on their own (i.e. without a clutch of mini eggs)

The milk chocolate handmade Easter Chicken is made , again with a double thickness of chocolate, with my succulent 40% milk chocolate.  Having 40% cocoa content and reduced sugar, this is a chocolate to be concentrated-on!

The white chocolate contains 33% cocoa content, with reduced sugar.  It is velvety-smooth and not as sweet as you might find other white chocolates to be.  Perfect for making Eater chickens with!

And what comes with a chicken – eggs, of course.  In this case, a clutch of milk chocolate mini eggs (except for the vegan version with the dark chocolate chicken).  Please don’t ask me to enter the debate as to which comes first: the chicken or the egg.

Your chickens are each hand decorated with splashes of coloured cocoa butters – reds greens, oranges and blue (just as you’d expect a real chicken to be dressed of course) and, with their mini eggs, are packaged in a clear bag tied with brightly coloured raffia ribbons.

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