Limited Edition Ruby Chocolate and Rhubarb Gin Easter egg


Nenette Chocolates Ruby Chocolate Easter eggs celebrates this amazing chocolate and complements it with gin, of course!

Ruby chocolate was developed by Callebaut with a lot of dedicated work: it is naturally pink and has, a wonderful ‘red fruit’ flavour something between raspberry and strawberry.

I make the main Easter egg with the Ruby chocolate – with a lovely, thick double shell, and decorate the shell artfully with splashes of red cocoa butter and a sprinkle of gold.

The 4, mini truffle-filed Easter eggs are each filled with a delicious fruity rhubarb gin ganache. One of my best-selling truffles, this is made using a punch 40% milk chocolate and rhubarb puree.

Using rhubarb grown in my garden, the fruit has a light touch of dark brown sugar added to it but otherwise relies on the sweetness of the chocolate to balance the flavours.  And a good measure of locally distilled London Dry Gin is added.

Together these result in a rolling flavour development – first the fruit and then the gin. Something to be dwelt-over!

Weight 0.300 kg