Chocolate Shards


Really special and individual chocolate to be savoured. The chocolate you will find here as shards should be looked at as a treat. In recognition of this, and to enjoy this chocolate to the full, I recommend that you don’t chew your chocolate! Do you think you can do that? Instead, I would like you to simply break off a piece of chocolate and place it in your mouth and let it melt.

As it warms-up to your body temperature, and starts to melt, then you will begin to taste the special flavours unique to the chocolate you have.

The darker and stronger the chocolate, the longer this melting process will take. Bear with it because by the end of the process you will have experienced eating chocolate healthily (yes!) and you will be away with the fairies too.

I am delighted to offer you a choice between Tanzanie which is a 75% dark chocolate – deliciously fruity and not bitter at all and Ruby.  Ruby contains 37% cocoa content and is naturally pink with an interesting ‘red-fruit’ flavour which will develop on the end of your tongue only if you persevere with the tasting method above!

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