Come and learn all about chocolate: how it is made, its long and fascinating history and how to use it to make your own chocolate treats.

In my workshops, you will learn how to make your own chocolates which of course you will take home with you.  You will also take with you some fabulous new skills and the chocolates that I demonstrate making during your workshop too.

Who are workshops for?

Perfect for couples, groups of friends, birthday treats, anniversary gifts, hen parties, corporate events and something to do when you’re stuck for ideas on a rainy day.

I can accommodate up to 4 people (minimum 2) on the Chocolatier’s Workshop and up to 8 people (minimum 2) on the Chocolate Truffle Workshop.  See below for what each workshop covers.

You don’t need to have any previous experience in working (or playing) with chocolate for either workshop.  You will be learning to make your chocolates under my professional and expert guidance throughout.

What do the workshops cover?

There are two different options for you to choose from depending upon how much detail you’d like to get into and how much time you have to hand.

The Chocolate Truffle Workshop takes between an hour and an hour and a half and is a mixture of ‘demo and doing.’  I will show you how to

Make a chocolate ganache, including demonstrating how this process may go wrong and, more importantly, how to rescue it to produce a fabulous, glossy filling for your chocolates.

Temper chocolate and while doing so, will explain why the process is important.

Using the ganache and tempered chocolate, you will create your own chocolate truffles under my guidance.  During this workshop, I will also demonstrate how to make chocolates using another, different process and of course these will be added to the goodies for you to take away with you – or simply to eat there and then!

The Chocolatier’s Workshop will occupy you for half a day and offers you a deeper dive into learning how to make your own chocolates.  You will learn how to use professional chocolate moulds including how to decorate them to make your own really special and individual creations.

You will also have hands-on experience, and several opportunities, to temper your own chocolate which you will use to make your truffles.

Following pre-prepared recipes, which you will also take home with you, you will make your own flavoured truffle fillings.  And, pulling all these processes together, make your own beautiful truffles.

There will also be an opportunity for you to see how I make special chocolate items such as hot chocolate bombs, or other, seasonal ‘hollow’ shapes depending upon what time of year you come to your workshop.

Where are the workshops? 

The workshops are held in my professional chocolate studio which provides everything that you require to learn how to make your chocolates.  It is located in a rural village in south Leicestershire, handily around 5 minutes’ drive from where the M1 meets the M6 and the A14 and a short drive from Market Harborough and Lutterworth.

When are they held?  

During the summer months of June, July and August and then in January and February, I publish dates and times for my workshops which you will find here on the website.  

At other times of the year, I am busy making your Christmas and Easter gifts. I may be able to accommodate your workshop and so, during these times, rather than create a timetable of workshops, I invite you to tell me when you’d like to come.  We can then find a slot that makes sense to all of us. Get in touch using the details on the Contact page.

The cost? 

The Chocolate Truffle Workshop is £30 per person and the Chocolatier’s Workshop is £150 per person.

Next steps

Now that you’re ready to book your workshop,where there are dates available for you to select in the summer or early spring, choose from the Options list and proceed through to the checkout.  

At other times of the year, get in touch with me using the details on my Contact page. Tell me which workshop you’d like to do and some dates and times which make sense to you.  I’ll come straight back to you and we can arrange your workshop.

I look forward to making chocolates with you!