** Due to the delicate nature of this product, Smashables are only available for free local collection**

Providing you with the perfect opportunity to watch someone fathom-out what you’ve given them and then for the penny to drop. If you’ve not encountered a Smashable before, you’re in for a treat and a surprise too.

Let me describe one for you. It is a large sphere (12cm in diameter) handmade with a beautiful, rich dark milk chocolate (40% cocoa content). When the chocolate sphere is smashed, that’s where the fun begins: the chase for the shards of chocolate and the sweets.

I hand decorate each Smashable according to where we are in the seasons. So, at Christmas, they will be dressed-up as Christmas baubles in greens, reds and golds for example. At Easter, they are splashed in lots of bright, spring colours.

But best of all is what is inside. Each handmade Smashable is filled with a mixture of Haribo and Smarties. The only way to get your sweeties out of the handmade chocolate sphere is by – yes, you’ve guessed it – smashing it open.

Can you imagine the fun: the mess? The excitement! Shards of chocolate and sweets go everywhere and there you are, scrabbling to get hold of them. A small tip, if you want to contain this exuberance somewhat, keep the Smashable inside its bag while you smash it.

I am told that these make great gifts. And they are perfect for sharing. They are also perfect for placing on the table for a grand finale at the end of your celebratory meal for everyone to……well….smash! And then make a grab for the pieces.

The only difficulty I have with the Smashables is that they are….as it says on the tin…’smashable.’ I prefer therefore to either hand deliver them to you or for you to collect them from me so that it is you rather than the postman who has the delight of smashing your Smashable!

I will put them in the post for you if you really want me to with lots and lots of packaging to try to protect them from being bounced around and broken in transit. But in this case, I have to add my disclaimer that if they arrive broken already, I apologise, but will be unable to replace them for you for fear of a repeat performance by the posty.

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