Luxury Handmade Easter egg with 4 Truffle-filled mini eggs


Nenette Chocolates luxury handmade Easter eggs are accompanied by 4 mini eggs – well, actually these are each a good couple of mouthfuls in size – filled with my handmade truffle fillings.

The main, large Easter egg is hand decorated with splashes of bright, spring colours and I make sure you get a substantial amount of chocolate with a double thickness of chocolate making-up the shell.

Then there are the 4 mini Easter eggs.  I fill these with your favourite flavours such as Marc de Champagne, Rhubarb or Gooseberry Gin, Ginger Salted Caramel, and perhaps something with a biscoff crunch to it too.

The whole collection is then packaged together inside a brightly coloured box to complement the colours decorating the main Easter egg.

These are luxury handmade Easter eggs for grown-ups!

I only use the finest Belgian chocolate: a rich, smooth 53% dark, a punchy 40% milk with boosted cocoa and reduced sugar or 33% cocoa content white chocolate – again with reduced sugar.

Choose the chocolate for your main Easter eggs: from dark, milk or white chocolate.

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