Dark Chocolate Bars


All my dark chocolate bars are made with a beautiful mellow, creamy but rich dark chocolate containing 53% cocoa content. This chocolate is naturally dairy free but for those of you with dairy intolerances, be aware that these handmade dark bars are made in a kitchen that handles dairy products: there may be a trace of dairy. They are suitable for plant-based diets (please note that the Coffee Bean bar contains whey products).

Crystalised Ginger – This ginger, sliced thinly and scattered generously over the chocolate , will blow your socks off. Be warned.

Crystalised Orange – If you like orange with your chocolate, then this bar is the one for you. Scattered with thick slices of sweet, crystallised orange peel.

Sea Salt & Pistachio – A lovely smooth, rich chocolate bar with the crunch of pistachio nuts balanced with a little sea salt.

Mixed Nuts – I mean whole nuts. And these will include brazils, walnuts or pecans, roasted hazelnuts, roasted almonds and pistachios. I’ll cram on as many nuts as I can for you.

Raspberry – Whole freeze dried raspberries are scattered over the chocolate with lots of raspberry crumble for good measure and lots of zingy flavour.

Coffee Beans – for you coffee-lovers, this handmade dark chocolate bar is taken to new depths with the addition of a scatter of dark chocolate-coated coffee beans over the top. Please note that the coffee beans contain whey product and so this dark chocolate bar is the only one in my range unsuitable for vegan diets. Take a look at the other dark bars which are all perfect for those of you choosing to follow a plant-based diet.

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