Halloween Hot Chocolate Bombs


Scary white chocolate spheres (milk ones will follow…) filled with mini marshmallows.

If you love hot chocolate then you just have to try it made using real chocolate rather than chocolate powder. And here’s your chance. With bells on. For I have poured my hand-tempered chocolate into moulds decorated with cocoa butter, then once set, I have filled each shell with mini marshmallows.

All you have to do is empty the contents of the box that this handmade Hot Chocolate Bomb comes in – with the additional chocolate buttons and marshmallows that I give you – into a warmed mug. Pour on hot milk and watch the magic happen. The milk will melt the bomb and the mini marshmallows inside will bob-up to the top providing you with a bit of theatre in your mug!

Don’t forget your spoon – give your hot chocolate a good stir or you’ll end-up with a chocolate sludge at the bottom of your mug – delicious in its own right, but perhaps not what you’re looking for!

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